Our branding campaign for Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan, Inc. aligned market planning, brand messaging, and guided graphic design to elevate brand value.

1. Branding, Media + PR, Marketing

Brand development, creative, and targeted multi-channel distribution.

2. Logo & Website Development

A refreshed look that connecting the brand’s rich history to its future.

3. Collateral Design

A branded “look” for use in platform sharing and communicating a concise message.

4. Website Design

An aesthetically pleasing space to clearly portray every day brand operations.

Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan, Inc.

The branding campaign for the Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan consisted of realigning the organization’s existing business goals with multi-channel marketing distribution and brand reputation management. The brand received a newly created logo – a refreshed look that connects the rich history to its future. A branded “look” was created for use in platform sharing and communicating a connected brand message that was clear and concise.

The brand’s new website featured a dedicated space for each business operation of the brand. The space is aesthetically pleasing, informative, and specifies clear brand communications.