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About KBC Business & Marketing Solutions

KBC Business & Marketing Solutions is a branding and vision planning company dedicated to sharing your brand’s story. Our marketing strategies will help your business respond to the changing environment and get the presence that you deserve.

We are your business solution. Our goal is to help your company build a better, stronger, and sustainable brand. With a proficiency in business strategy and marketing communications, KBC helps growing businesses and organizations achieve the best path to success.

Kaye Howard, Creative Director

As a brand manager, Kaye has been effective in running successful marketing campaigns that help brands effectively communicate their message. Her experience includes targeted marketing campaigns and program development strategies that cultivate company growth.

The 5 Stones of Business

With 20 years of business and marketing experience, we’ve provided many businesses with solutions to move forward. Incorporated within the business models of the brands we work with is The 5 Stones of Business, a standard by which every business should operate.

Set a firm foundation.

Starting with the right foundation keeps your business aligned with a set of operating standards that guide the flow, process, and results of your business.

Operate with Integrity.

Accountability and responsibility in business is very important. Establishing the right track record helps provide good service to your customers and sets you apart as a trustworthy source.

Make wise decisions.

Every decision you make impacts your business. With each new step, your goal is to ensure effective decisions and sustainable actions that help your business stand the test of time.

Set parameters, remain committed.

From small projects to long-term planning, be result-driven, focus, and stay committed to yielding positive fruit from targeted business goals.

Be ready to serve.

Everyone is in business to sell or share a product. It’s the work that you put in and the customer and team experience you give that create a lasting impression.

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